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We at Touch of Platinum take pride in being unlike any other stag company out there. Unlike most of our competitors who are more like an equipment rental company who drops off equipment at your stag, we at Touch of Platinum have an event planner at every one of our events at no extra charge to our clients. Rather than being a rental company, we are event planners who will stop at nothing to make your event surpass your wildest expectations. If you can dream it, then we at Touch of Platinum will make it a REALITY! If you imagined it at your stag, then we will ensure that it is at your stag. No request is too large or outrageous, and if you were able to think of it then it is more than likely that we have already done it successfully at another stag.

Call Touch of Platinum today for a free in-person consultation. Our event planners are available both during and after business hours making it a convenient way of getting great advice on throwing a memorable stag. Our helpful stag party experts can give you useful tips and recommendations based on your unique objectives and our experience and stag expertise. For additional information on the various services that Touch of Platinum can offer to make your stag an unforgettable one click on the pictures below or call to speak to one of our event coordinators:

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