At Touch of Platinum we know how important selling tickets are to having a successful event. As an additional future to one of our packages, our clients also have the benefit of having their own website created for their event FREE of charge. Your own personalized website address will be sent out to all your friends, business associates, fellow employees and relatives through our again, FREE of charge Evites. All your closest friends and family members will receive a user name and password so that only people you intended to visit your website will have access to the information on the webpage.

Once your potential guests have logged on to your personal stag or event website they will be able to obtain valuable information of your stag such as date, venue (map as provided), time, price, potential features of your stag (ie. What type of games and prizes you may be having, or specific photos of your already booked Platinum hostesses) and picture of your very own personalized Touch of Platinum invitation. This will be a great access point for potential guest to gain information about your stag, and gain more valuable information like name and contact info (phone number and email address) of people who will be selling your stag tickets in advance. Once again this great service is FREE of charge with the booking of any Platinum stag package that we offer.

Call us today to speak to one of our experienced Platinum event planners and create your own personalized website for your stag or event: